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26 May 2011

Compassion in the Arts Spolight: Nancy McGirr

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Nancy McGirr photo

Nancy McGirr is the founder and Executive Director of Fotokids, a non-profit program that began 20 years ago when she gave cameras to children living in Guatemala City’s vast garbage dump and had them document their lives. Fotokids, originally called Out of the Dump, now has projects in six urban and rural communities, including an environmental education project in Honduras. (read more)

Nancy has moved from covering wars in Central America to changing the lives of children there.  Through her Fotokids project, she gives at-risk youth artistic power and a new look at their lives.  Scholarships open up opportunities and optimism spreads from her to her students.  Nancy has seen highs and lows, with plenty of change in between; be sure to catch her talk.

For more information on her program, Fotokids, go to:

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