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10 Jun 2011

Science of Compassion Spotlight: Marc Brackett

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Dr. Marc Brackett

Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at Yale University, Deputy Director of Yale’s Health, Emotion, and Behavior (HEB) Laboratory, and Head of the Emotional Intelligence Unit in the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy.  His research focuses on how emotional intelligence impacts one’s quality of life, including mental health, relationships, and academic/work performance, and on the effectiveness of district-wide SEL (social and emotional learning) interventions. (read more)

At the HEB Laboratory, Marc and his fellow scientists not only study behavioral science as it relates to mental and physical health, and emotional and social skills, but put their findings into practice through communities and organizations they partner with.  Their work is used to address social problems and help people with positive development.  Marc is behind the RULER Approach to emotional and social learning, helping children achieve academic and personal success.

Find out more about Marc and HEB Lab’s work at and the RULER Approach at

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