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23 Aug 2011

Videos are up!

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for…  we’ve added videos from our fabulous presenters and performers. Now you can re-live the show schedule in its entirety, or find the one you want to share with your colleagues, friends, or students.

Just visit the Show Schedule and Video page to view them all.


10 Jun 2011

Science of Compassion Spotlight: Marc Brackett

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Dr. Marc Brackett

Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at Yale University, Deputy Director of Yale’s Health, Emotion, and Behavior (HEB) Laboratory, and Head of the Emotional Intelligence Unit in the Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy.  His research focuses on how emotional intelligence impacts one’s quality of life, including mental health, relationships, and academic/work performance, and on the effectiveness of district-wide SEL (social and emotional learning) interventions. (read more)

At the HEB Laboratory, Marc and his fellow scientists not only study behavioral science as it relates to mental and physical health, and emotional and social skills, but put their findings into practice through communities and organizations they partner with.  Their work is used to address social problems and help people with positive development.  Marc is behind the RULER Approach to emotional and social learning, helping children achieve academic and personal success.

Find out more about Marc and HEB Lab’s work at and the RULER Approach at

07 Jun 2011

Science of Compassion Spotlight: Dacher Keltner

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Dacher Keltner

Dacher Keltner is a Professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the Faculty Director of the UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center. A renowned expert in the biological and evolutionary origins of human emotion, Dr. Keltner studies the science of compassion, awe, love, and beauty, and how emotions shape our moral intuition. His research interests also span issues of power, status, inequality, and social class. (read more)

Dr. Keltner is on the cutting edge of researching the nature of compassion.  On this subject he has presented his findings to the Dalai Lama, written a best-selling book, and even co-founded an interdisciplinary research center – the Greater Good Science Center.  From the GGSC, located at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Keltner helps direct a talented team investigating happiness and compassion in individuals and relationships between them, and then disseminates the findings far and wide via the Greater Good magazine, just re-launched online last year, a range of podcasts, and even videos of world-class experts making accessible presentations for the public.

Find out more about Dacher Keltner and his research at

03 Jun 2011

Teaching Compassion Spotlight: Jeff Duncan-Andrade

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Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of the Educational Equity Initiative at the Wangari Maathai Center for Sustainable Cities and Schools at San Francisco State University.  In addition to these duties, he continues as a high school teacher in East Oakland where for the past 18 years he has practiced and studied the use of critical pedagogy in urban schools. (read more)

Jeff has written numerous articles and books about the urban education. His project, Roses In Concrete, aims to aid urban youth and lead them to academic success, while at the same time encouraging them to help improve their communities.

Learn more about Jeff’s work at Roses In Concrete.

31 May 2011

Teaching Compassion Spotlight: Mary Gordon

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Mary Gordon is an internationally recognized educator, child advocate and parenting expert. In 1996, she founded Roots of Empathy, a program that teaches empathy and emotional literacy to children through classroom visits with infants and their mothers. Her program is currently offered in several countries, including Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. In 2005, Ms. Gordon founded The Seeds of Empathy, a similar program for younger children. Recognized for her contribution to innovation in education and international social entrepreneurship, she has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including being named as the first female Ashoka Fellow in 2002 and a Member of the Order of Canada in 2006. (read more)

From founding Canada’s first and largest school-based Parenting and Family Literacy Centre, to speaking with the Dalai Lama,  to working help indigenous children around the world, Mary is truly an example of someone who is changing the social climate of our planet.

See how Mary is making a difference by visiting Roots of Empathy.

26 May 2011

Compassion in the Arts Spolight: Nancy McGirr

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Nancy McGirr photo

Nancy McGirr is the founder and Executive Director of Fotokids, a non-profit program that began 20 years ago when she gave cameras to children living in Guatemala City’s vast garbage dump and had them document their lives. Fotokids, originally called Out of the Dump, now has projects in six urban and rural communities, including an environmental education project in Honduras. (read more)

Nancy has moved from covering wars in Central America to changing the lives of children there.  Through her Fotokids project, she gives at-risk youth artistic power and a new look at their lives.  Scholarships open up opportunities and optimism spreads from her to her students.  Nancy has seen highs and lows, with plenty of change in between; be sure to catch her talk.

For more information on her program, Fotokids, go to:

24 May 2011

Compassion in the Arts Spolight: Pete Docter

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Pete Docter

Pete Doctor is an animation artist at Pixar Animation Studio in Emeryville, California, where he began working in 1990. Along with John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, Mr. Doctor developed the story and characters for “Toy Story”, the world’s first full length computer animated feature film, for which he also served as the supervising animator. (read more)

The movies Pete and the rest of the team at Pixar have created are both technologically advanced and emotionally touching.  From the dynamic duo of Woody and Buzz in Toy Story to the high-flying adventures of Carl and Russell in Up, the characters that populate these carefully crafted films have worked their way into the hearts of children of all ages, and given us new perspectives on our own world.  Compassion and understanding each other underlie not only the stories of many of the films, but also the creative process: each film is created over several years by a tight-knit group of talented individuals who all have a voice and two ears open, working with each other to refine every detail every layer in the movie.  We can see that this collaborative process has paid off by reading the critics’ reception or by simply sitting back and watching the films ourselves.

Learn more about Pete’s work at Pixar’s website.

19 May 2011

Everyday Compassion Spotlight: Nipun Mehta

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Nipun Mehta is the founder of, a fully volunteer-run organization that has delivered millions of dollars of web-related services to the nonprofit world for free. The recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service and the President’s Volunteer Service Award, his work creatively leverages web technologies for collaborative and transformational giving, lending him insight into service, leadership, organizational design, and spirituality. (read more)

Nipun is an example of someone who, dissatisfied with the lack of compassion that he was finding in his career, took matters into his own hands and transformed his life completely. His dedication to compassion led him to leave his job and to simply go with the flow, which resulted in his becoming a full-time volunteer and going on a 1000 km walking pilgrimage in India. Nipun has truly been leading a remarkable life; make sure not to miss Nipun’s talk.

Connect with Nipun through his website, The InnerNet.

18 May 2011

Everyday Compassion Spotlight: Christine Carter

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Christine Carter is a sociologist and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, best known for her science-based parenting advice.  She is the author of Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents and a Greater Good blog, which is syndicated on the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. (read more)

We are spotlighting Christine for our Everyday Compassion week because of her remarkable work combining scientific research with everyday compassion and love. Her blog, which shares the same name as her book Raising Happiness, adds a real and personal element to the scientific findings. Parents everywhere will be able to use Christine’s advice and relate to her experiences.

Find more on Christine on her her blog, Raising Happiness, and her Twitter. Christine also co-hosts a podcast available on iTunes, called Happiness Matters.

16 May 2011

Continuing Education Credit Available

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Participants who know the Greater Good Science Center know that there’s often Continuing Education Credit available at Greater Good seminars and events. We’re pleased to announce that we can offer Continuing Education Units for therapists, social workers, and others at TEDxGoldenGateED 2011. You will simply have to fill out a little paperwork at check in on June 11 and at the end of the day, and pay a nominal fee that morning. Credit for educators works differently, so teachers and school administrators should ask their own district offices.