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Can We Foster Compassion by Teaching Emotional Expressions?

Emotional expressions are central to our social life. High levels of emotional intelligence correlate more strongly with compassion, overall life satisfaction, relationship success, social adjustment, and leadership ability than any other intelligence measure. We will explore the possibilities of using universal facial expressions and vocalizations to teach children and adults how to identify emotions in others, in themselves, and how to best handle emotionally charged situations. These skills are cornerstone to fostering empathy and social intelligence, and we will discuss the potential to bring these concepts into the classroom.

About the Workshop Leader:

Daniel T. Cordaro is a Ph.D. student in the UC Berkeley Social Psychology department whose primary focus is the study of emotion. He and his mentor, Dacher Keltner, are working with researchers and educators to create some of the most comprehensive, scientifically-grounded emotional intelligence curricula in the world. Learn more at