By CATAdvanced Cash

Compassion and the (other) 21st Century Skills

The purpose of this session is to explore the ways that teaching compassion and 21st century skills are linked conceptually and in practice.  We will play with our new understanding of compassion and 21st century skills and prototype ways to integrate them into classroom and school-based activities.  This session gives you permission to be risky, creative, and fail in interesting ways.

About the Workshop Leader:

Andrea Saveri is an independent consultant for future-think and strategy projects with a eye on education, resilient systems, and technologies of cooperation. She engages with organizations and challenges them innovate, prototype the future, and strategically respond to opportunities. In partnership with the Knowledgeworks Foundation she created 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning. She spent 20 years at Institute for the Future leading global research and forecasting projects. Andrea is a mother of two Prospect-Sierra children. In the summer she manages Camp Erê, a Brazilian Cultural & Performing Arts Camp for children in Berkeley.