By CATAdvanced Cash

Green Schools:

Empowering Students to Take Action and Care for the Earth

Did you know that a typical school emits 2,000 tons of carbon, generates 19,000 pounds of garbage, and uses 200 pounds of toxic chemicals per year? Learn why and how to engage students in authentic hands-on projects that teach environmental literacy, innovation, and activism aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of your school. We will walk you through “7 Steps to a Green School” and together we will demonstrate our compassion for the Earth through a mini-session on designing solutions to green your school operations and practices.

About the Workshop Leader:

Deborah Moore is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Green Schools Initiative and works to transform the health and sustainability of K-12 schools in California. As a mother and environmental scientist she was shocked by how un-environmental her daughter’s school was and joined with teachers and other parents to engage students in taking action to reduce the environmental footprint of their schools and communities. Deborah designs experiential learning programs that use the school campus as a hands-on laboratory where kids, teachers, parents, and staff work together to save energy and water, eliminate toxics, reduce waste, and grow and serve healthy food. She has trained more than 1,000 educators from 300 schools and districts in how to green their school. Deborah won the “Pioneer” Award at the 2010 California Green Schools Summit and the Jefferson Award for Public in 2011. She was appointed by California State Superintendent of Public Instruction to his “Schools of the Future” Initiative to shape policy recommendations promoting high performance sustainable schools. As a mother and environmental scientist, Deborah believes that children are innately connected to nature and that schools can spark children’s critical thinking skills and ignite their passion for taking action to protect our planet.