By CATAdvanced Cash

Using Mindfulness to Teach Compassion

Compassion is the ability to sympathize with another’s pain, and a wish for them to be relieved. This capacity is strengthened when we are able to acknowledge our own challenges more fully and more honestly. Mindfulness allows us to do this by identifying and navigating our emotions and thoughts with more awareness and less reactivity. The more familiar we are with our own pain, the more completely we can recognize and sympathize with the pain in others. Mindful Schools builds compassion in children through lessons about kindness, emotions, thoughts, generosity and gratitude. In this workshop you will hear stories of how mindfulness is affecting compassion in students, and you will be introduced to some lessons that we use in schools to cultivate compassion.


About the Workshop Leader:

Megan Cowan is co-founder and Executive Director of Programs at Mindful Schools. Since 2007 Mindful Schools has provided mindfulness training to more than 11,000 students in 40 schools and more than 2000 educators, other professionals, and parents. Mindfulness teaches focus, self awareness, emotional regulation and empathy. Megan has been practicing mindfulness since 1996, and teaching mindfulness to children since 2001. Through the Mindful Schools program she has taught thousands of students and hundreds of educators. She is inspired by the possibility of mindfulness creating more peace in individuals, schools, and the world.