By CATAdvanced Cash

Brian Bordainick

Brian Bordainick is a teacher and athletic director at G. W. Carver High School in the 9th ward of New Orleans. He began his career there in 2007, where, with few resources and in spite of formidable odds, Brian was able to resurrect Carver’s once-renowned athletic program. Still, his first year as a teacher and athletic director left Brian disheartened by the disparities between his students’ high school experience and that of more affluent students just a few miles away. Bolstered by the support of the Carver community, Brian founded 9th Ward Field of Dreams to support the construction of a state-of-the-art football field and track on Carver’s campus in the upper 9th ward. This organization has raised over $1.8M in less than two years. His belief in the transformative power of youth athletics has shaped his career and he enjoys building community support for his mission. Brian hopes that his hard work will inspire others to believe in their own power to create change.


Recently, Brian has had the opportunity to share his vision with students and veteran entrepreneurs alike. A recent keynote speech and workshop at Northwestern University’s Global Engagement Summit gave him a chance to help budding social entrepreneurs fine-tune their visions for creating meaningful change. For more information on his Field of Dreams project, please visit