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Nancy McGirr

Nancy McGirr is the founder and Executive Director of Fotokids, a non-profit program that began 20 years ago when she gave cameras to children living in Guatemala City’s vast garbage dump and had them document their lives. Fotokids, originally called Out of the Dump, now has projects in six urban and rural communities, including an environmental education project in Honduras. It has served hundreds of at-risk children affected by poverty and violence by giving them a chance to dream of a better life. The program provides children with technical expertise in photography and design, an international mentoring program, and traditional scholarships from first grade through university. The children’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the world in over a dozen countries.


McGirr once covered the wars in Central America as a Reuters staff photographer during the turbulent 1980’s. Her work has appeared in Life, Time Newsweek, NYT, Stern, L.A. Times and Boston Globe Magazines, and she edited the award-winning book, Out of the Dump: Writings and Photographs by Children of Guatemala. McGirr is an international speaker and has received numerous awards for her photography and her educational programs.

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